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The GG's Secret Background

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Who do you believe? Who do you trust?

Is form really the key?

When I started studying all horse racing, I believed that horse racing was so complicate that it was mostly down to luck to make a profit. The people who have a vested interest in gambling mostly in you losing want you to believe it's complicated,that there are so many variables to consider.This plays to their advantage.

They say form is key, that weight, age,last race performance, ground condition.

However I don't. The GG's Secret looks at it in a simpler way.We don't complicate it.In our view, horses are animals and can have off days too. A trainer often says 

"A sure the ground didn't suit him"

Then next time out it wins on the same ground,or doesn't win and they blame the weight it was carrying, but again wins another race with even more weight another time.

Who do you believe? Who can you trust?

I will tell you believe in yourself.The GG's Secret shows you how to make your own decisions, we teach you our method, no Bull.

We show you how simple it can be and to quote a great former jockey.  Johnny Murtagh's best saying in our books is "Keep it simple"that's the key and when you learn to make your own choices and make them confidently,it will feel great when you win you will say, I did that,this is my work.

Would you like an edge over the bookies when it comes to horse racing?


This method at The GG's Secret works. It can work for you. If you can follow our rules and guidelines Be patient and disciplined.

Take your time to learn & practice it for long enough so you are confident with this method. You should see a pattern emerging like I did. This is not a fly by night gambling scheme. This is real, this is very real and serious.

Don't attempt to apply this method half heartedly

Follow it to the letter, and it could change your life, like it has changed mine.


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Is The GG's Secret for you?

Top Secret

I kept it a secret, only a few close friends and family knew about The GG’s Secret Method I was successfully devising.A few of my friends said “ Why not show it to people” At first I said no.But then I thought again and I began to research what systems/methods were out there.
All I found were systems /methods based on lists, and books promising you riches.

I invested in these systems and bought those books for research, so you don't have too, as they are a complete waste of money.

So I was convinced it was good idea to put The GG’s Secret Method out there, so hence The GG’s Secret was born...

If you want to know how to get an edge over the bookies?

If you want to gain a daily profit from your horse racing?

This is what you’ve been waiting for:

This method was devised down through the years.

When you download.The GG’s Secret Method you are getting all my 20 years in total experience. If you gamble for fun and don’t mind losing, then The GG’s Secret Method  is probably not for you.However, if you want to genuinely turn your losses into a profit, with a simple approach.The GG's Secret is for you!

       How did The GG’s Secret Method come about?

I was introduced to gambling when working in a Dublin Pub. I never thought I would make a career out of it.But this is exactly what happened. When I think back, all I saw were people throwing their money away it's still the same Today.
The majority of people leave their money behind them, hence the large profit the bookies make yearly. So I started my quest to change how I lost my money to the bookies, I was fed up losing.

I started keeping lists, Jockey's who won,trainer's who won, what weight won, What track etc.I bought tips! I put money on for tipsters, I wasted so much money listening to the wrong people.
So I started learning everything, and putting into practice what was working and eliminating what was not.

​​The GG’s Secret can show you a better way.

On average we return 828% profit per annum to our trading account using a simple approach.We work six days a week and take 6 weeks holidays a year. At The GG’s Secret we have that edge. Do you want to keep wasting your money? or is it time to make money using a horse racing system that works?

The GG's Secret team are always smiling.